Subject: Tanzania notes Sept 6, 2001 Moshi-Sister City cmte.
Date: Thursday, September 06, 2001 11:26 AM
From: Charles Eschenburg <>
To: <>

Present: n'Gurumo, Kjell Bergh, Chas. Eschenburg, Bonnie Seltzer, Charlotte Durante, Ned Gusty.

Letter from Mayor Lucas Tarimo of Aug 16 stating delegation of about 10 to arrive 2nd part of Oct. Information on computers was requested by Moshi's mayor. Librarian is scheduled to come with group from Tanzania. Chairman will respond with computer information, book list, and request for firm dates. Mayor Schmidt contacted to officially respond.

Moshi was visited by Dr. Eschenburg: To see Prof. Helmut Diefenthal, M.D. (Consultant Radiologist). Library ready for books in approx. 1 month, renovations under progress as roof is repaired in north portion of bldg. Dr. Diefenthal met and a radiologic exchange was discussed with Dr. Eschenburg.

Anonymous visitor from Moshi is to come in Sept. to visit water plant and discuss Serengeti project. Condolences sent to Tanzania on death of Vice Pres. Dr. Omari Ali Juma of the UR of Tanz.

Kjell Bergh reported on visit by President and First Lady of Tanzania with entourage of 20 on Sept. 22. WORKING dinner at Marriott at 7 PM @ $50.per person. Open to public with cap at 100-150. Moving Waters of Deerfield Beach invited him. Marriott was helpful, Charlotte to fax list for invitations.

Visit for Mayor in Oct. discussed as proper reciprocation is needed. Plans to be made when dates are known. Possible visits to library, water plant, Morikami and boat trip as well as a "naming of street for Moshi" and gallery at Museum of lifestyle and fashion or garden at Morikami, program at Milagro center all mentioned. All this needs financing. Possible home stays was suggested as opposed to hotel stays.

All to be discussed and possibly resolved after Sister City Board meeting Sept. 11 as time is short! Need to address priorities and expenses and definite planning is needed before their arrival.

Respectively submitted,
Dr. Charles Eschenburg
Acting Secretary
September 6, 2001