November 1, 2001

Ned Gusty, Kjell Bergh, n’Detenga n’Gurumo, Bonnie Seltzer, Clovis Moodie, Charlotte Durante

Meeting was called to order by Chairman n’Gurumo.

Correspondence read:
Invoice from Books for Africa for $8000 for shipment of books / computers.
Letter and accompanying documentation from the Moshi Regional Library that details the repairs that have been done to the Moshi Regional Library contractors.
Letter from Moshi Municipal Council regarding proposed Reciprocal Visit in April 2002.
Letter from Moshi expressing condolence for the September 11 Tragedy.

Items Discussed
Shipment for Moshi/Fundraiser
Computers for Moshi that have been donated by MacAllister College have been transferred to Books for Africa. It is expected that Books for Africa will be donated along with three palettes of computers, ready for shipment in early December. Eight thousand dollars ($8000.00) is needed to make this shipment a reality.

A discussion of available funds and earmarked donations indicated that more monies were needed for the shipment of the books. The suggested dates for the fundraiser are the last Wednesday/Thursday in November. There will be a committee meeting at the Library on Tuesday, November 6 to plan this event.

Presidential Invitation
An invitation will be extended to the President of Tanzania to visit Delray in the spring of 2002. The suggested dates would coincide with the Annual Sister City Convention for the state of Florida.

News Article
An article, written by Nancy King, city editor, regarding the visit of a Tanzanian Member of Parliament is ready for publication.

Respectfully submitted,

Clovis Moodie