Feb. 7 2002

In Attendance: n'Detenga n'Gurumo, Kjell Bergh, Bonnie Seltzer, Chuck Eschenburg, Charlotte Durante

1. Importance of sending itinerary to Moshi dignitary visitors
Review of DSC Signs as one enters the city of Delray both on North & South Federal.
A copy of DSC_Sign photo is to be sent to Moshi, both to Mayor Tarimo & President of The United Republic of Tanzania.

2. Workshop: Report from facilitator, Ms. Lula Butler received.

3. Definition of committee roles reviewed and clarification is needed to re-energize committees spirit.
Effort is needed to avoid turf conflicts.
Differences in Moshi Tanzania's needs are to be reemphasized in comparison with Miyazu Japan.
Emphasize that Tanzania is a very poor country economically, and can not afford the same level of independence as Japan.
Hospitality funds are not available by DSC, so home stays is an alternative, if hotels rooms are not cooperate sponsor donated.

4. Schedule for Moshi's Dignitary visitors is April 24-29
Welcome at Miami International Airport, then provide Transport to Delray.
Free days on first and last days for Dignitary Tanzanian Visitors.
Opening reception unclear, but should remain brief, due to Jet Lagged visitors.

5. Kjell Bergh, n'Detenga n'Gurumo , Charlotte Durante, Dale Briese, Clovis Moody, and Nancy King to work out details of Moshi visitors.

6. Visit to include: City Council Meeting, with Good Will Ambassadors, Trip to Everglades, Moving Waters Industry with Lunch, County Commissioners, Historic Tour of Delray Beach, Visit to Carver Middle School with Lunch, Farewell Dinner proposed.
Coordinating with State Sister City Meeting: Charlotte Durante responsibility.
Parade of Flags, Art competition show, Morikami Reception and Buffet.
Decisions to be made by DSC Executive Board with Charlotte presiding over this meeting on 02/12/02.

7. Container of 20,000 books and two palettes of computers are on way to Dar-es-Salaam.
Kjell Bergh donating over $5,000 in monies to complete this venture.
Community book drive to follow when needs are known after container is received and inventoried.
DSC Tanzanian meeting attendance problems discussed, but not resolved.
Next meeting time - Not addressed, but it is standard protocol to meet in the Library the 1st Thursday of each month.

8. Safari Dinner plans may take place during Presidential Visit if details can be worked out. If not, the dinner was agreed in workshop to occur in June or July 2002, to be worked out by subcommittee chairman Mark and Susan Baron. The Annual Cocktail Party is scheduled to be held in October or early November 2002, locations of both events are yet to be determined.

Minutes by Dr. Charles Eschenburg,
Edited by Webmaster, n'Detenga n'Gurumo