Delray Beach Tanzanian Committee

General Meeting April 4, 2002

The meeting was held at the Delray Beach Public Library. Attending the meeting were Kjell Bergh, Charlotte Durant, n'Detenga n'Gurumo, Robert Barcinski, Dale Briese, Clovis Moodie, Rosalind Murray, Mark Baron, Bonnie Stelzer, and Tracey Sweeney. Chairman n'Gurumo convened the meeting at 8:30 am. A letter from the Mayor was distributed to all members which would allow the Tanzanian visitors to obtain Visas to Delray Beach. Ms. Durant introduced a revised itinerary and several people were delegated to take on the responsibility of several tasks needed to make the event a success. n’Gurumo proposed a tree planting ceremony for our Tanzanian guests which was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously. It was decided that a baobab tree would be planted at Old School Square on Friday, April 26, 2002 at 6:15 p.m. Barcinski agreed to supply a 25-passenger bus that would transport the Tanzanian dignitaries through the city of Delray Beach. This bus will be driven by a chauffeur-licensed driver. Ms. Moodie is to be in charge of all letters by students in Tanzania sent to Delray Beach. With no futher business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:50 am.

Minutes by: n'Gurumo (Mwnyekiti & Webmaster)