Delray Beach Tanzanian Committee

General Meeting May 2, 2002

The meeting was held at the Delray Beach Public Library. Attending the meeting were Charlotte Durant, n'Detenga n'Gurumo, and Bonnie Stelzer. Chairman n'Gurumo convened the meeting at 8:30 am. The Tanzanian visit with the Moshi delegates was discussed. It came to unanimous consent that the event was a success and all that we had hoped for occurred without incident. All but two Tanzanians returned on April 29, 2002 at about 1:00 PM. Two other Tanzanians remained in the US for a few weeks.

The dedication of the Baobab tree will be shown in a photograph below represents a permanent cementing of our relationship with Moshi, Tanzania. A picture of the three Mayors standing together was in Wednesday’s May 1, 2002 edition of the Boca Raton News as shown below, and the final photo of mayors taken by webmaster.

With no futher business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am.

Minutes by: n'Gurumo (Mwnyekiti & Webmaster)