Delray Beach Sister Cities

December 7, 2006 

Regular Meeting Minutes


Location:  City Hall, First Floor Conference Room


Members Present

Members Absent

Charlotte Durante

Dale Briese

Charles Hardiman

Lourdes Engroff

Nancy King

Daisy Fulton

Ngozi Mensah

n’Detenga n’Gurumo

Peggy Murphy

Beth Johnston

Patsy Nadal

Rhonda Mensah

Reiko Nishioka

Chieko Mihori

Morton Noble

Jimmy Mihori

Becky O’Connor

Clovis Moodie

Nancy Polin

Maria Nhambu

David W. Schmidt


Bill Wilsher



Staff Present

Robert A. Barcinski


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m., by President David Schmidt.


Roll Call:  As listed above.


Agenda Approval:  President Schmidt requested that the following items be added to the agenda; Group of African students in town; Request from International to hire a Lobbyist; the Annual Meeting; and Nominating Committee recommendations.  A motion was made by Peggy Murphy, seconded by Becky O’Connor to approve the agenda as amended.  All voted aye.


Financial Report:  Ms. Becky O’Conner, Treasurer, reported revenue of $8,135.00 and expenses of $3,944.00 through November 2006 for a net income of $4,191.00.  The cash balance was reported as $47,679.00 with $18,381.00 of balance reserved for Moshi programs.  A motion was made by Patsy Nadal, seconded by Mr. Hardiman to accept the Financial Report.  All voted aye.


Approval of Minutes:  None.



Committee Reports: 

Miyazu:  2007 Anniversary/Student Exchange:  Nancy King reported that the   students went through the City’s Student Academy and graduated.  President Schmidt also reported that in addition to our student trip, he would like to put together a group of about fourteen (14) adults to go to Miyazu at the same time as the students.  If interested contact him.  Details to come.

Moshi:  Safari Dinner:  Mr. Mensah reported that he has tried to get information  from the zoo, but has received no call back.  As of this meeting, the Safari Dinner is still planned to be held on March 30, 2007, at the golf course.

Other:  Mr. Mensah also reported that he is having a difficult time getting committee members to attend meetings and they are still planning the trip to Moshi for 2008.


President’s Report:  President Schmidt reported that a group of African students will be here from 12/4/06 to 12/18/06.  He stated that these were Junior Tennis Players who will by working with our Tennis Pros and indicated that were looking for host families, financial support and things for the students to do.  He requested the Board to approve a $200.00 donation and to contact Bill Murray at (561)789-3410 if you can help.  A motion was made by Mr. Mensah, seconded by Mr. Noble to approve the $200.00 donation.  All voted aye.

Lobby Request/Sister Cities International:  President Schmidt indicated that Sister Cities International is seeking funding assistance to hire a lobbyist to help with their $27,000,000 budget request.  A motion was made by Mr. Noble, seconded by Mr. Mihori to contribute $50.00 towards this cost.  All voted aye.

Annual Meeting:  President Schmidt reported that the Annual Meeting date has been changed to January 4, 2007 at Old School Square.  He also presented the list of Board and Officer nominations recommended by the Nominating Committee for 2007.  There were no objections.

Other:  President Schmidt requested that the April 5, 2007 meeting be moved to April 12, 2007.  The consensus was to change the meeting date as requested.


Non Agenda Items:

•Nancy Polin advised that they are inviting Board members to visit and tour American Heritage with the exchange students.  Date to be announced.

•Mr. Mensah reported that they are trying to get IB students involved in Sister Cities.  President Schmidt requested we also look at middle school students.  He wants to get students involved again in the International Sister Cities Student Program and would like to take some students to the Annual Conference in Fort Lauderdale this year.

•Nancy King gave a report on the status of the Young Artist Program and presented their budget, which the Board by consensus agreed to.  Mr. Mihori and Mr. Mensah were requested to contact their respective Sister Cities.  The reception and showing of the art work is scheduled for 4/16/07 from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m., at Old School Square.

•Mr. Hardiman gave a brief overview of the Old School Square Park Plan and restated that he would like to have something associated with Sister Cities incorporated into the plan.


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:15 p.m.