Delray Beach Sister Cities

May 1, 2008

Regular Meeting Minutes

Location:  City Hall, First Floor Conference Room

Members Present

Members Absent

Charlotte Durante

Barbara Dilthey

n’Detenga n’Gurumo

Lourdes Engroff

Charles Hardiman

Daisy Fulton

Beth Johnston

Chieko Mihori

Nancy King

Clovis Moodie

Ted Marshall

Morton Noble

Ngozi Mensah

Nancy Polin

Rhonda Mensah

Jimmy Mihori

Peggy Murphy

Reiko Nishioka

Becky O’Connor

Beverly Ouckama

David Schmidt

Bill Wilsher

Staff Present      


Robert Barcinski

Maria Nhambu

Donna Beldowicz

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m. by President David Schmidt.

Roll Call:  As listed above.

Agenda Approval:  A motion was made to accept the agenda by Beth Johnston and seconded by Bill Wilsher.  All voted aye.

Financial Report:   The financial report was given by Becky O’Connor. She reported revenue of $9,967 and expenses of $6,004 through April 2008 for a net income of $3,963.  The cash balance was reported as $48,771 with $24,826 of the balance reserved for Moshi (excludes $5,000 PBCO grant).  Becky also presented a projected income statement for the Safari Dinner (project net profit $6,165).  A motion to accept the April financial report was made by Oz Mensah and seconded by Ted Marshall.  All voted aye.

Approval of Minutes:  A motion to accept the April 10, 2008 minutes was made by Becky O’Connor and seconded by Beth Johnston.  All voted aye.

Continuing Committee Reports:


·      Miyazu Mayor’s Visit:  No change.

·      Student Exchange Selection:   No report.

1.     Purchase of books for exchange students:  No report.


Moshi Trip:  Oz expressed his concern that no one comes to the Moshi Committee meetings and that business for this committee should be taken care at regular Board meetings.  David told him to let Donna know and she will add it to the agenda.  Oz resigned as chair of the Moshi Committee.  Maria Nhambu stated that she is discouraged with low attendance and feels their ideas don’t make a difference to the Board.  She feels that Rhonda and Oz should be able to go on the Moshi trip because they have worked hard on the Safari Dinners and the Moshi Committee and this would be a fact finding mission because the “changing of the guard”. Rhonda asked why the Golf Tournament couldn’t be for both Sister Cities, not just Miyazu.  David stated that it was the major fund raiser to send students to Miyazu and if they split that, it would make a huge impact on being able to send the students to Japan.  Charlotte Durante showed everyone the materials that the group used back in 1999 for their trip and gave samples to Oz for review. A new motion was made by Oz Mensah to pay the airfare for Oz & Rhonda Mensah and a Commission member to go to Moshi, Tanzania; seconded by n’Detenga n’Gurumo. 8 voted aye, 4 voted no and 1 abstained.  Trip is planned for July 21 – August 5, 2008.  Air fare through AAA was priced last month at $2,318 for the round trip, they will have to get new prices; hotel $26/night.  David Schmidt indicated that he did communicate with Mayor Kaaya about a group visiting Moshi.  The Mayor said he would get back with David after he spoke with his Municipal Director and Committee; as of today, no word yet.    Beth Johnston questioned if Mayor Kaaya does not want us to come, then what?  Oz indicated that they would meet with others about teacher exchange and the library on their needs.  Oz presented the Board with the Committee’s Draft Plan for Moshi.

·      Safari Dinner, April 26, 2008:  The dinner was held at the Delray Beach Golf Club and went well.  There were 104 people in attendance.  Dr. Dallas Browne was the guest speaker.  Oz and Rhonda will not be heading up the Safari Dinner anymore.  The projected net profit for the dinner is $6,165.

·      Purchase of Computers:   The discussion was to supply 5 computers now instead of 3 previously discussed.  Miriam Endema told Oz that the library has no internet connection.  Oz Mensah made a motion to supply the Moshi library with 5 computers from KIT @ $850 each, software included and 1 year warranty, and to spend $400 to install the Internet and pay $720 for 1 year of Internet service; seconded by Bill Wilsher.  All voted aye.  They hope to have the computers unveiled when the group arrives in July.

Young Artists Contest:    The reception held at Old School Square on April 14, 2008, went very well and the exhibit will remain there until May 21, 2008.  The winner is Sylvia Cruz from Atlantic High School.  There were 27 entries from 3 different schools.  They were a little disappointed that there was no artwork from Carver.

New Business:  Someone donated a variety of books to send to the Moshi Library.  Oz and the committee will go through the books and see what should be sent.  They will try and use the group that Beth Johnston had mentioned; Clarion International to help with the paperwork.  Oz said the librarian will accept the shipment.

Bill Wilsher met with Kissee at the Morikami and they will be purchasing coolers, marked just for Sister Cities beer sales.  Bill will work on writing a Policy & Procedures for the beer sales at the Morikami.  They also are thinking about marketing beer coolies and getting T-shirts for the Sister Cities volunteers.

Non-Agenda Item:  Next meeting will be Thursday, June 5, 2008 @ 4:30 p.m., City Hall First Floor Conference Room.

Adjournment:   Meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m.