Delray Beach Sister City Tanzanias Committee
Planning Workshop

Lula Butler, Director of the Community Improvement Department of the City of Delray Beach, facilitated two planning meetings that focused on projects, events and activities that are to be carried out by this sub committee in the calendar year of 2002. The meetings were held in the first floor conference room of City hall. Eight members of the subcommittee were present for the January meeting and five were present for the February meeting.

The subcommiKee agreed that one of their greatest challenges is community awareness and support. Another challenge is to adequately define and structure the two sister city initiatives under the general direction of the board of directors. They acknowledge that there is a communication gap between the Tanzania committee and the well-established Sister's Cities program that has been in place over the past 25 years. They agreed that the results of their planning efforts should be submitted as a formal recommendation to the board of directors of the Sister's Cities Committee at large.

The subcommittee agreed by consensus that their main project for the year is the

Moshi Library. The library is in need of repairs, bookshelves, books and computers. The focus this year is to solicit community wide support for this project donating books and computers. Efforts will be made to involve local schools, clubs and/or civic groups.

Other projects that the subcommittee will support and/or endorse are:

Bertram Mensah Memorial Fund for Moshi Radio station. The committee agreed that their support could be in the form- of promoting community awareness and the solicitation of donations in support of the radio station.

Business Exchange./Incubator - agreed to support and facilitate when necessary

Student Exchange Program - agreed to begin planning process in 2002, understanding that this project is supported by the Sister's Cities program in general. Due to the amount of planning and preparation that will be required, the Moshi student exchange may take a couple of years to implement.

The subcommittee agreed that they would plan and carry out two (2) fundraising activities that would assist in supporting their selected project. These two fundraisers are:

Annual Safari Dinner - scheduled for June or July 2002. This event will occur the same time each year with a goal to make it their signature event.

Annual Cocktail Party - to be held in October or early November 2002.

The current challenge and issue is hosting the ten- (10) Moshi delegates scheduled to visit Delray Beach April 22-28. The cornmittee is concerned with housing, feeding and entertaining this delegation during their five-day stay. A suggestion was made to consider options that may include
corporate and business sponsorships, housing delegates in individual homes, getting local hotels to discount or donate rooms. These options will be presented to the board of directors- for their consideration.

Other items discussed included the State Convention scheduled for April 2002 and a recommendation to encourage board support to fund member travel and participation to the African Sister's Cities Annual Convention. The Tanzania committee understands their role as a subcommittee and will submit their proposed plans for this calendar year to the general board for approval and support.