2001 Delray Beach Sister Cities
Cultural Exchange

n'Detenga n'Gurumo,
Compliance Manager
City of Delray Beach

n'Detenga n'Gurumo was previously the Environmental Compliance Manager for the City of Delray Beach for the Department of Environmental Services. He held this position for the past 15 years, managing the Delray's Environmental Service Water Testing Laboratory located at the Water Treatment Facility.

n’Gurumo is a native of South Florida whose parents were both teachers in the public school system in Broward County, Florida. His educational background is in Fine Art (Painting), Chemistry and Physics. In 1965, he began his professional career, like his parents, as a schoolteacher. From early 1968 until late 1972, he chose to explore the culture and country of Tanzania, East Africa and while there he taught chemistry at both Kibaha and Dodoma Secondary schools in Tanzania. He carefully embraced the culture and met and married a woman from Moshi. They began a family by adding one Tanzanian daughter to our family at the time.

Upon returning to the United States, n'Gurumo continued his education by obtaining a Masters Degree in Chemistry at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. During the past twenty five years, he has worked as a certified teacher of chemistry and physics in schools ranging from Jr. High School through the University levels in Palm Beach and Broward counties of Florida. To name a few of those teaching tenures, he taught chemistry at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Broward Community College and Palm Beach Community College. During the last 18 of those years, he has also had experience in working throughout Palm Beach County in several drinking and Wastewater Facilities. n'Gurumo has received numerous awards in both science, art, and education.

The professional interests of n’Gurumo are chemistry (research, environmental and educational) and computer applications for chemical instrumentation and laboratory curriculums. His hobbies are astronomy, computer digital painting, digital photography, desktop publishing, jazz and classical music and fine arts painting.

Now re-married for the past 20 years to a Afro-American Black US native, n'Gurumo's family includes his wife, Calowise, one son, and three daughters. One of his daughters, Lanshina, born in Dodoma, Tanzania from his Mchaga wife is also working with the Delray Beach Environmental Services Department and is employed as a secretary to the Water and Sewer Network manager.

n'Gurumo and his wife Calowise traveled to Moshi, Tanzania in February 2001 as a part of the Official Good Will Ambassadors for the Delray Beach, Florida delegation. Their special connection to Moshi and their professional and business knowledge definitely enhanced the trip by helping the delegation in its mission to gather information and ideas on ways to build a strong cultural, business and people-to-people, sister-city-bond between Delray Beach and its newest sister city, Moshi, Tanzania.

initiated the <dsctanznia.org> website and preceded Mr. Mensah as chairman of the Tanzanian Committee for two years after he returned from Tanzania in early 2001. Prior to his elected appointment, he was preceded as chairman by Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania Honorary Consul Kjell Bergh.