Delray Beach Sister Cities Describes the

1st Annual Saba Saba / Tanabata

Family Celebration

July 7, 2005

The Tanzanian and Japanese Sister City Committees are collaborating on a celebration at Old School Square to include our youth and their families in an evening of drumming, songs and storytelling from the three countries.

• July 7 – Saba Saba – Also called Peasants’ Day, Saba Saba is a festival celebrating the founding of the Tanganyika African National Union in 1954. When Britain was finally convinced that Tanganyika (now called Tanzania) was serious about independence, it instituted a trial period during which Tanganyika proved its ability and worthiness of self-determination. Finally on December 9th, 1961 Tanganyika celebrated Uhuru (Independence) and thereafter, Saba Saba was also a celebration of the period of Trial for Independence.

July 7- Tanabata—The star festival (Tanabata) On this day two stars (Altair and Vega) that are usually separated from each other by the milky way, come together. On the night of July 7, many Japanese people put little bamboo trees in their garden. They also hang papers with wishes written on it on that tree in the hope they become true.