Sister Cities of Delray Beach, Inc.


July 17th-24th, 2007

The Lord Mayor Lameck T. Kaaya and his companion Bwana Thomas Lyimo will be attending the International Sister City Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from July 18th through the 21st. Afterwards, they will be meeting with City officials in regards to the Sister Cities relationship with Moshi, Tanzania and Delray Beach, Florida.

On July 23rd, he will tour the city, as well as enjoy a cultural tour with Laurie Durante. At 6:00 pm, there will be a Reception at Old School Square, in the Ocean Breeze Room, where he will be welcomed by the Mayor of Delray Beach, Florida.

Breakfast with Mayor of Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa


As you may know, one of Delray's 2 Sister Cities is Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa. From Sunday afternoon July 22nd to Wednesday July 23rd, we will be honored with a visit to Delray Beach by the Mayor of Moshi - Honorable Lord Mayor Lameck Kaaya. Accompanying him will be Mr. Thomas Lyimo who is a Moshi travel industry businessman.

For their brief time here, the itinerary has been been planned by David Schmidt who is the current President of the Board of Directors of Sister Cities. Ngozi Mensah who is the Chairperson of the Tanzania Committee of Sister Cities has been coordinating some efforts to be sure that our Tanzania guests - Lord Mayor Kaaya and Mr. Lyimo - get an opportunity to meet and chat with at least a few of the key African Americans here in Delray Beach. For that opportunity, Ngozi and I have scheduled an early morning (8:00am) breakfast get-together for Monday morning 7/23. This is about the only time left in the schedule of the itinerary. The breakfast will be at Mrs. Chris' Southern Restaurant located at 706 West Atlantic Avenue. In case you do not know of this restaurant, the food is real southern and absolutely delicious. It would be an opportunity for our guest to visit an African American business operation as well as taste African American southern style breakfast food.

Mrs. Chris' Restaurant is very small, therefore the number of people will have to be limited to no more than 15 people, including our guests. It is very, very, very important for you to RSVP so that we will know how many people Mrs. Chris will need to prepare for. If you have some thoughts on who else should be invited to be with us for the breakfast, please pass the word on to them and please let me know of their plans to attend so we will not overbook the restaurant space. Ngozi and I would like very much to have the full number of 15 people. Each person will be responsible for their own meal cost and tips. Our Tanzania guests meal costs will be taken care of by Sister Cities.

If you plan to attend, it will also be very important to be on time because of the limited time we have in the schedule. We will need to have our Tanzania guest at City Hall no later than 9:30am so that they can begin a history tour which Ngozi has arranged to give them a bit of an overview of the City's communities and business areas and of course some African American history of the City. Then they must be back at City Hall again no later than 11:30am to meet with David Schmidt and City Officials for lunch and to get a tour of city facilities.

Ngozi and I hope that you will be able to join us for this breakfast chat with our Tanzania Sister City guests. It would be a most culturally educational experience for them and us too. Mrs. Chris expressed much excitement and appreciation for this opportunity to welcome our Tanzania guest as well as the patronage that she says she very much needs for her business. Your presence would be most appreciated.

Please let me hear from you ASAP. Via email would be perfect. Or if you wish to call, contact me at my cellular phone number 561-271-4545.

Thank you,

FAX sent to David Randolph and Zack Straghn