Good morning all:

I hope all of you will make the effort to attend this tour, even if you went 2 years ago. The kids do a great job and we need to show our support for them.

On another note, after the board meeting last week, Bob B. realized that we had scheduled the Safari Dinner for the same night as Circle on the Square at Old School Square. I talked to Rhonda and Bob and we all agreed it would be financial suicide to try and compete against that event, so we decided to change the date. While we would have preferred a Saturday, none were available until the end of May. We have chosen Friday, April 17. Please mark on your calendar. We understand this is Delray Affair weekend, but I don't think it will have a negative impact on attendance.

We all need to pitch in to make the dinner a success. I think we have the opportunity to make this a signature event with the venue at the Zoo. I hope that every board memeber will volunteer in some capacity. Remember, this is a Sister Cities event and not just a Moshi committee event. Please let me know if you are willing to help and if you have any particular area you are interested in.

David W. Schmidt