Moshi Municipal Council


The Moshi Municipal Council (MMC) is extending an invitation to your commitee to visit Moshi in July 2008 to discuss amoung other things the proposed Teacher's exchange program. We believe that your visit would pave the way to the commencement of a program, which would benefit both of our two cities.

As our schools open in mid July. It would be appropriate for you and your team to be here in late July, so that we can arrange meetings with schools for the program. Please let us have your itinerary so that we can design a timetable for your visit in Moshi. Also we would like to arrange an informal business meeting with some members of the local business community in Moshi to explore any possible business links.

You are most welcome.

Brenda Kinabo, Director

The above letter to:

Delray Beach Sister Cities Inc.

Received on May 20th 2008

Afterwards, the Board met and it was decided that Mr. & Mrs. Ngozi & Rhonda Mensah and possibly one city official would visit Moshi in July between July 19th through 30th in response to the above invitation.

In addition, five computers were purchased by the Delray Beach Sister Cities for Moshi's Municipal Library along with one year internet subscruption paid in full. The computers are promised to be operational when our representatives arrive in Moshi, Tanzania with a proclamation in hand from Mayor Rita Ellis.

Mr. Onesmo A. M. Ngowi is the technical representaive in Moshi from the Kilimanjaro Information Technology (KIT) center. He is to install the five computers in the Library and have them on-line and internet ready by July 19th 2008.