Mr. n'Detenga n'Gurumo,
Chairman of Tanzania Committee,

Rafiki Mpendwa n'Detenga,

I acknowledge with thanks receipt of your recent e-mail message of 26 March 2002. Indeed, I have not yet received your e-mail message that asked me to use your personal e-mail address.

I am very pleased to inform you that I sent you the respective e-mail message on detailing the necessary information about the Moshi delegation. From our end here it appeared the message had reached you via your city e-mail address. Further to the message, the prospective delegates wanted to know if any costs would be incurred for participating in the convention. They also wanted to explore the possibility of getting health insurance cover during the visit.

Please note that we are experiencing communication problems with our address currently, so kindly copy your responses to Hon. Ndesamburo's address.

Eagerly waiting for the response to our requests.

Yours truly,

Lameck M. Masembejo

In that respect, I hereby reproduce the said message:

Mr. N'Detenga n'Gurumo,
Chairman of Tanzania Committee,

Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti,

Salaam sana.

Ninatumaini kuwa wewe, Calowise na watoto wote hamjambo.

We are especially pleased to inform you that plans for the reciprocal visit have now reached an advanced stage. The entire delegation is likely to consist of 15 civic officials and businessmen headed by His Worship Lucas S. Tarimo, Mayor of Moshi.

Other member of the entourage include:

The group plans to fly KLM from Kilimanjaro International Airport on Saturday 20 April 2002 at 21:25 hrs. and arrive at Fort Lauderdale on Sunday 21 April 2002 at 23:49, unless advised of an alternative airport. Kindly be informed that a few of the members are planning to visit other states when the group leaves on 29 April 2002. We would very much appreciate getting the official invitation early since it takes slightly longer to process visa applications at the US embassy here.

At a preparatory meeting on 12 March 2002, the prospective delegates expressed their appreciation of your personal endeavour to make the visit both comfortable and memorable. After studying your good tentative itinerary they requested for an opportunity of exhibiting Tanzanian products, preferably at Marriott Hotel during the Florida Sister Cities State Convention. Some businessmen indicated the need to hold bilateral discussions with their American counterparts at an appropriate site and time of your choice. While a few of the delegates may stay at the recommended Colony Hotel and Cabana Club, most would appreciate a hotel within a price range of USD 30.00 - 40.00 daily, if the proposal will not inconvenience you. They even proposed the Days Inn located in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

For logistical problems, we are very sorry that our entries for the Young Artist Competition will arrive slightly late. Kindly accept our sincere apology or the late submission.

Best regards to Calowise, watoto and all the friendly people of Delray Beach City.

Yours sincerely,

Lameck M. Masembejo