To: Lord Mayor Lucas Tarimo

To: Mr. Lameck M. Masembejo

To: Mr. Shaibu Z. Muyinga

Please forgive me for the long delay in correspondence; I have been having multiple meetings with all
committees involved concerning your Delray Beach visit on 22 - 28 April 2002. We are frantically
working out some very special arrangements through our president of Delray Sister City, Ms. Charlotte
Durante and with our Mayor David W. Schmidt. They will be advising me in a couple of days of some
detail plans for a tentative itinerary and various costs for different hotels in the area and give you a
general cost for foods here in Delray. You may wish to communicate your concerns directly with a Mayor
to Mayor type communication (copy to me) and his email address is mayordave56@hotmail.com. In our
last communication, he indicated that if need be, perhaps home stays are possible for those who find it
difficult to afford hotel expenses, if any of you would be intrested in that alternative.

A container of 20,000 books and two pallettes of computers are of the way to Dar-es-Salaam from the
Delray Sister City initiative. You may contact Consul (Hon) Kjell Bergh to obtain specific details of arrival

We here in Delray Beach are excited about your enthusiasm in joining the Delray Art's competition and
look forward to your entries arriving on time. It is my understanding that the judging will take place
during your visit. It is my hope that some Tanzanian student will win first prize.

Please send me a list of names and titles of all those who are expected to visit Delray Beach, so that I can
make the itinerary more meaningful to each one of you.

n'Detenga n'Gurumo,
Chairman of Tanzanian Committee