From September 26th, 2002-November 10th, 2002, there will be an exhibit on Hats, Handbags, and Gloves at the Cornell Museum of Art and History at the Delray Beach Old School Square. More information can be found at the Old School site. The Committee's Chairman has donated an item to this exhibit. Please read below some information about the item.

History of This Goatskin Hat

The sentimental value of this goatskin handmade hat cuts very deep to my heart. When the Delray Sister City Delegation (eight members) arrived in Tanzania on the Goodwill Ambassadors trip on February 26th, 2001, I had the misfortune of leaving my jungle-styled American Great Hunter’s hat on the arriving KLM flight from Amsterdam to Dar-es-Salaam. My trip then became somewhat uncomfortable as I couldn’t stop talking about my missing hat. The temperature was hot and the sun beamed down on my balding head and I felt considerable discomfort. I had the fortune of meeting up with my Tanzanian Headmaster who I worked with at a Secondary School for 5 years in Tanzania, exactly 26 years prior to this date. His name Ramos Makindara said “I am tired of you complaining about the lost hat,” and he handed me this hand crafted goatskin hat. I put it on my head and my trip then became the delight it was intended to be, where I intermingled with Tanzanian dignitaries for two enjoyable weeks.

Goats are considered a great delicacy and the delegation were served a splendid meal consisting of this goat during one of the ceremonies that we attended. Goatskin is also utilized for hats, drums, and sometimes, in Tanzanian history, as shields in combat.

Regrettably, Bwana Ramos Makindara has now passed away. Being the protégé of this very fine Headmaster, the sentimental value of this hat is extremely important to me, as it is all that I have in my immediate possession to recall our long lasting and enduring friendship. I hope to always treasure this hat and proudly wear it as my personal link to the soul stirring Moshi Tanzanian people, who are a proud, dignified and a self-reliant nation.

The hat that you now see on exhibit tells a great history of my love and the challenges I personally faced in making a contribution to the growth of the Tanzanian culture through my efforts to teach chemistry in their secondary schools for five unforgettable years.

n’Detenga n’Gurumo
Chairman of the Tanzanian Committee
Delray Sister Cities