Greetings from H.W. Lucas S. Tarimo, Mayor of Moshi, Tanzania
To the Florida Sister Cities

Annual State Conference delivered at Marriott Hotel on Saturday, 27th April 2002.

Hon. Chairperson, Your Worship Mayor David W.Schmidt, Your Worship Mayor Toshio Tokuda of Miyazu, Japan Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Hon. Chairperson,

On behalf of the First Delegation of Love and Hope and indeed all the residents of Moshi, it gives me great pleasure to be honoured to address this important gathering. In the first place, I am very delighted to inform you that we have been greatly moved by your beautiful City and its friendly peoples ever since our arrival Sunday April 21st, at this juncture, express our heartfelt appreciation of your determination to cement a lasting friendship between our cities for the benefit of the peoples of our two great nations.

Hon. Chairperson,

It is really fascinating that the timing of our visit coincided with celebrations to mark 25 years of your Sister City relationship with the City of Miyazu, Japan. This is indeed a unique opportunity for us to congratulate you for the successful start of an official tri-partite association among our three cities.

Hon Chairperson,

For the advantage of our Japanese and American friends present here, allow me to say a few words about Moshi.

Moshi was established in 1892 on the southern slopes of the highest mountain in Africa and indeed the highest freestanding mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro, in the United Republic of Tanzania in East Africa. It is virtually the centre of the Northern tourist circuit that extends from the extensive Amboni limestone caves in the East, across the Usambere and Pere mountains to the Serengeti National Park to the West. It offers reliable services to tourists who want to discover the world-famous impressive species of animals and birds in their natural ecosystems including the beautiful islands of Zanzibar.

Though Mt. Kilimanjaro derives its name from a local phrase that literally means "that which cannot be conquered", we call upon American and Japanese tourists to come and scale the mountain. There are five principal routes and the best climbing season is from August to November when professional guides will escort you to the top of the mountain. Our tour operators have organized cultural tours to cater for their specific needs. The inclusion of tour operators and hoteliers among the delegation is a clear testimony of our desire to make Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, your tourist destination.
Being located on volcanic rock that is overlain by ferruginous tropical soils, Moshi is surrounded by coffee, maize, and barley plantations as well as dairy and flower farms. It is thus an obvious choice for potential American and Japanese tourists to invest also in commerce, industry and agriculture.

Hon Chairperson,

I am privileged to reiterate our appreciation of the support received since the official charter from the U.S. Sister Cities International was issued in January 2000, the donation of USD 15,000 for the refurbishment of the Moshi Public Library, the 20 ft containers of books and computers from Books for Africa and the excellent job done by Boy Scouts Troup 340 is a gesture for assured future cooperation in education and other sectors.

In conclusion, Hon Chairperson, the theme of this year's conference "Starting, Sustaining and Celebrating Sister Cities" has gone a long way in cementing a broad based officially approved long-term relationship among our cities and countries. Now, that the world is just one global village, we look forward to strong people to people cooperation. I and my delegation, therefore, wish this conference every success.

Long Live the Sister City relationship among Moshi, Miyazu and Delray-Beach.

Thank you for listening.