Resolution from the US Africa Sister Cities Conference

May 27, 2005


WHEREAS, The US-African Sister Cities Foundation has 35,000 members and affiliations with 103 U.S. cities.  These cities have sister cities relationships in 94 African cities in 30 countries on the continent of Africa.  Based on our commitment to our African Sister Cities and the continent of Africa, we stand with like-minded organizations and persons in calling for the 100% relief of debt to nations on the continent of Africa; and


WHEREAS, the crippling effect of debt on Sub-Saharan Africa creates situations requiring the affected countries to spend more on debt servicing than on health care or education; and


WHEREAS, the African people should not be forced to repay loans that did not benefit them, but were often used to suppress and even to kill them; and


WHEREAS, the issue of debt relief is not unique to Africa and not without precedent in US foreign policy (i.e., Europe after WWII, Mexico, and even the current proposal to relieve the debt in Iraq ;) and


WHEREAS, the forgiveness of debt would improve the quality of life in African countries, promote stable governments, and support democracies in the countries on the continent of Africa; and


WHEREAS, the slowing of economic growth in Africa makes it increasingly difficult for African governments to repay their loans, leading to the possible repudiation of debt repayments, creating an economic shock to the global economy; and


 NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the US Government should join with the world community in promoting fair and just economies, societies and governments to move forward on the issue of 100% debt cancellation for African countries; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the continuation of policies that support economic bondage precipitated by the debt burden constitutes a renewed form of servitude; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the failure of US policy-makers to support a proclamation of emancipating African countries from the burden of crippling and un-repayable debt is inconsistent with a global leader of high ethical and moral character; and


 BE IT ALSO FURTHER RESOLVED, that it is incumbent on the G8 leadership to devise a means of providing 100% cancellation of Africa’s multilateral debt. We urge reconsideration and negotiation of the appropriate agreements for the upcoming July G8 summit in order that its members:

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the US Africa Sister Cities Foundation, Incorporated, will stand firmly behind the commitment of all concerned organizations and persons to call for the 100% relief of debt to all nations on the continent of Africa.

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